Growing together in every aspect of your life

Individual Therapy

The best way to figure out what is keeping you from the life you want and deserve, is to do a thorough examination of where you currently are in your life, how you got here and what it will take to move you to where you want to be in your relationships, work life, school life, social and home life.


Couples Therapy

All couples go through difficult times. It’s actually normal for marriage to go through difficult times because marriage is like no other relationship. It will force you to look at yourself and make some changes, or be unsatisfied, or divorced. In the words of Dr. David Schnarch, “Marriage is a growing machine for humans. It will ask (force) you to grow up.”


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is talk therapy that is focused on sexual issues. It is an opportunity to consult with an expert on sexual problems that can interfere with sexual satisfaction. As therapists, we can not only help you understand why these problems are occurring, but also offer specific behavioral solutions that you can implement privately.



Parenting can bring us our highest highs and sometimes our lowest lows. Whether parenting toddlers, school-agers, or teens, too often we find ourselves struggling to have the kind of family we always hoped for. Family conflict can affect the quality of a marriage and the happiness of everyone living in the home.


Family Therapy

The effects of family counseling can be life changing. Hearing from everyone – how they feel and what they would like to differently – gives your family a chance to make changes. Family counseling is an investment in your relationships with one another and each of you as individuals.


Let’s see if we are the right fit.

Trusted Guidance


We use constant observation to interpret each of our client’s abilities and behaviors to develop an always improving picture of your personal needs.


Many different approaches are used in harmony with one another in order to give your needs a well-rounded and balanced approach.


The goal of any therapy or counseling is to grow your own understanding of your needs and to help you accomplish your goals.